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What Makes You Shy? The 4 Most Effective Ways to Overcome Shyness


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What Makes You Shy? The 4 Most Effective Ways to Overcome Shyness

What makes you shy? Does the idea of ​​talking to other people scare you? Or does it make you sweat to think that you’re going to speak in public? Then do not think that you are alone…

What are the Causes of Shyness?

The causes of shyness can be because of personal reasons or social reasons. 

Personal Reasons: When the characteristics of shy individuals are examined, the first thing we see is that individuals’ perception of themselves is negative. In other words, self-efficacy levels are low. Secondly, these people have had unsuccessful experiences in their past. They may have failed in some of the jobs or social relationships they engage in and are likely to fear that this will happen again. Thirdly, they are likely to have had traumatic experiences to reinforce their shyness

Social Reasons: In the emergence of shyness, the society, and culture in which the individual lives are extremely important. For example; It is common for women to experience shyness problems in societies where women’s emancipation is prevented, their self-confidence is broken, and they are forced to be one step behind because they are women. Overprotective or authoritarian parental attitudes may also lead to the development of shyness.

The 4 Most Effective Ways to Overcome Shyness

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Talk About Your Problem

Research reveals that the first step in overcoming shyness is to talk about shyness. Try to talk a lot about the things you are shy about with the people around you. But also try to think that these issues are unimportant issues.

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Believe It Will Go Well

Shy people fear that other people will evaluate them negatively and that everything will go wrong. The first step in dealing with this is, of course, to believe that everything will go better, not worse.

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Be Curious About Others

When you talk to other people, you feel more comfortable if you focus on them, not on yourself. Focus on others and wonder about them. What do they like? Who are they and why are they there?

Give Yourself A Role

 Many shy people are very successful at work but when they go out of business, they lose their self-confidence. Pretending gives you purpose and insight into how to behave. Play a role that will make others feel the same way you want to feel.

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