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8 Tips to Increase Your Brain Power


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8 Tips to Increase Your Brain Power

The brain is like a supercomputer. It is your brain that determines how you think, how you feel, how you move, how you treat other people. Regardless of your age, sex or physical condition, here are 8 tips to increase your brainpower

Tip 1: Exercise Your Brain

To do this, you can try new tastes and smells, try to do something using your hand that you do not use, try new ways to go to work. In short, you can activate the brain cells that you do not always use with your mental activities.

Tip 2: Ask “Why”

Don’t stop your curiosity! Wonder why and how things happen, ask others. The best way to do curiosity exercise in your brain is to ask “why “. Get into a new habit and ask “why at least 7 times a day? Over time you will realize that your brain is more open to new opportunities and solutions in your private and business life.

Rodolfo Quirós at Pexels

Tip 3: Laugh

Laughing removes stress and patterns from the past. For this reason, laughter serves as a “quick charge” for your brain. Laugh more and louder to increase your brainpower.

Tip 4: Remember

The brain is like a memory machine. You should create an opportunity for this machine to work. Buy an old photo album or high school yearbook and spend time with your memories. Your memory allows it to revive those memories.

Tip 5: Solve the Puzzle

It doesn’t matter which one, it is one of the best methods to run your brain in your free time to puzzle or solve any kind of puzzle.

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Tip 6: Improve your skills

Writing, gardening, sewing, playing memory games, reading, painting or solving puzzles are important for to increase brainpower.  However, changing them from time to time, not the way you’re used to it, allows you to increase brainpower. You can try a different sewing technique, bridge with the better players, or try to solve puzzles that you are not used to will make your brain more active. 

Tip 7: Sleep

Not sleeping for 20 hours has the effect of drunkenness on the brain. A good night’s sleep will help your brain on learning new things. 

Tip 8: Eat Nuts, Flax Seeds, Fish

Recent research shows that Omega 3 is a complete brain booster, not only by allowing more oxygen to be pumped into the brain but also by increasing the function of the membrane layer surrounding the brain cells.

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